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28 May 2006 @ 02:19 am
yeah its 2 in the damn morning.  
its like having dreams eluded to you in perfect harmony , then waking up to a nightmare, trying to sleep to waste life,but ending up living to waste sleep.its at these times in my life when at 2 in the morning, slightly intoxicated and full of the pulse thickening thoughts froma recent scary movie that i feel the most alive.alive because im somewhere between "the real world" and a surreal dreamland.i can think clearly about how things are, should be and how they will never be.things will never be simple, things will never go exactly to plan in any event. why is this? because people do not live according to your thoughts, or how you think they should be. life is a constant compromise so never expect to get anything your way in any aspect of life.i imagine loving a life full of premeditated fuzzy thoughts intense lust and something to fulfill the empty spaces of human error.a constant improv of who i want to be, who i am and who i will never be constantly battle for the spotlight, which ever lays the preverbial smackdown wins my character for the day.

kiss me running, no time for love
just time for life , a push and a shove
no time for thinking just time for doing
but in the end ourselves we're losing
a cry in the night, a shot in the dark
could be saved by a flower, a nap in the park
no time for you , just time for me
a glutton for success i will never see
neither will you and neither will the world
comfort is sickening , a projectile hurl.

that is all

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